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Tendering Tips

Read the advertisement carefully and submit a request as directed (this could be by email or in writing) for the information required by the dates stipulated by the Council.

When completing the Approved/Select List questionnaire, make sure that you provide all the information requested and answer all questions accurately. The questions will be used to evaluate your suitability for the contract: this will be based on a scoring mechanism.

Respond to any requirements for further information by the specified time.

If your initial questionnaire documents are considered suitable you will the be 'invited to tender'.

The tender documents the Council sends out to suppliers contain details of our requirements. You should read these documents and make sure that you fully understand the requirements. If you do not understand any part of the specification you should contact the Council officer named in the tender documentation by the stated date and request further information.

Return the tender documentation by the closing date and time specified, by the advised method. Late tenders will not be considered.

Information required to assist the evaluation process.

General & Commercial Considerations

You are asked basic information about your firm. The answers to this section indicate the type of company you are and the history behind your organisation eg details of your employees, quality standards and public liability insurance.

  • Financial information - You are asked to submit audited accounts and annual reports for a set period of time. If you do not have audited accounts, you can still apply to work for the Council. However, without any accounts, you will be limited to tendering opportunities with a low contract value.
  • Operational Considerations - This section gives you the opportunity to provide details of recently completed contracts/works which can be used by the /council to take up references highlighting the quality of your workmanship
  • Equal Opportunities - The Council is committed to providing equal opportunities for all members of the community. It is important therefore that contractors tendering for work can demonstrate a similar commitment to providing equality of opportunity and that they do not discriminate against any racial group.
    This section also aims to ensure that the Council conforms with its legal obligations under the Race Relations Act 1976, The Local Government Act 1988 and EC Public Procurement Directive.
    The amount of information required will depend on the size and nature of the work in which you are interested. You are required to submit your policy for review.
  • Health and Safety - You are asked questions relating to your health and safety arrangements, and to submit your policy for review.
  • Environmental Matters - If your firm has an environmental policy or an environmental management system, you are asked to submit details with your application. If you do not have such a policy, it will not prevent you from being accepted onto the approved list. However, you may be asked for further environmental information when you are invited to tender for specific contracts.
  • Insurance - You will be required to send in proof of Public Liability Insurance to a value deemed suitable for that tender.
  • Child Protection - Contractors and organisations involved in the direct provision of services to children or whose services bring them into contact with children and who are in receipt of Dover District Council funding (wholly or in part) will be expected to have a Child Protection Policy that is current and regularly reviewed (at least every 2 years with documentation to support this) You are required to submit this policy for review.


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