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Working for the Council

What will be expected of you when working for us

There are procedures in place for monitoring the performance of all firms carrying out contracts for us. You will be monitored to assess your compliance with pre-defined performance criteria.

Your firm must be capable of delivering the requirements of the contract. You should be aware that these are strictly applied, especially with regard to general performance and quality.

We are continuously striving to improve our own performance and we expect firms working for us to do the same. We will look seriously at the position of any firm that fails to perform to the levels required.

You will be asked to comment on any adverse performance that is reported but you should be aware that serious instances of poor performance could lead to your suspension or deletion from the approved list. We are not responsible for the consequences this may have on a firm's business.

Examples of adverse performance would include areas such as

  • Poor quality of workmanship
  • Poor site supervision
  • Poor adherence to work programme
  • Poor control of sub-contractors
  • Poor health and safety practices
  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor environmental performance
  • Poor employee relations

Variations to the contract may be needed from time to time. We will always request variations in writing, except in an emergency where instructions may be made orally but will be confirmed in writing.

General performance of a contract is monitored and recorded for future reference. The contracting officer then keeps this data.

We will also seek to ensure that all employees appointed to work with children and young people, or likely to come into contact with them, are suitable through our recruitment and selection process, training, and working practices and procedures.

Contractors and organisations involved in the direct provision of services to children or whose services bring them into contact with children will be expected to have a Child Protection Policy that is current and regularly reviewed (at least every 2 years with documentation to support this). We reserve the right to inspect this Policy where appropriate.

At the same time, we will work to ensure that our employees are protected from the risk of malicious or unfounded allegations of abuse of children or young people.


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