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ASPIRE Project

What is the ASPIRE project?

ASPIRE East Kent provides FREE beginner friendly workshops for people who want to improve their health and wellbeing and their employment opportunities, and to feel more confident and positive about life. We host a wide range of activities including cooking, gardening, beekeeping, wellbeing and exercise sessions, as well as accredited courses and employment support.

ASPIRE is for you if:

  • you are over 18 and live in East Kent
  • you are either unemployed, a job seeker, in temporary insecure work or on a zero-hours contract
  • and you would like to improve your health and wellbeing.

Our team will support you to choose from our wide range of activities to find what suits you. We are open Monday to Friday and run sessions throughout the week. 

ASPIRE is an Interreg project and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Find out more about Interreg 


Where is the ASPIRE hub?

There are 3 ASPIRE hubs in England and 4 in France. The ASPIRE hub in the Dover district is based at Bechange in Aylesham. 

  • Bechange, Ackholt Road, Aylesham CT3 3AJ

There is support for those who do not have their own transport to get to Aylesham. 

How does ASPIRE work? 

This life-changing programme is based on the well-researched health and wellbeing benefits of gardening and eating well. After meeting the team to chat about what you want from ASPIRE, we’ll help you choose which activities you want to do. Whether you want to eat more healthily, be more active, meet people, grow your own veg, volunteer, start a small business or just try something new, we can help. All our sessions are suitable for complete beginners and typically last for a couple of hours, all equipment is provided and you’ll be fully supported by our friendly team.

You will also be able to take part in the NHS One You Weight Loss Programme, get support from an NHS One You Healthy Lifestyle advisor, access a 12-week Recalibrate Wellbeing programme and get 3 months free leisure centre membership.

Participants can take part in ASPIRE for as long as they find it helpful, but generally someone's programme will be for about 12 weeks. 

How can people join ASPIRE?

People can sign up themselves or be referred by professionals. If you would like to find out more, please fill in our online form and one of the ASPIRE team will contact you.

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For more information visit our Facebook page.