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DDC is delighted to be part of a pilot project taking place across 7 sites in Southern England and Northern France.  


ASPIRE (Adding to Social capital and individual Potential In disadvantaged REgions) has received more than €7 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund.

ASPIRE is part of the Interreg VA Channel programme and will run from September 2019 to February 2023. The project has a total budget of over €10million and involves partners from the UK and France (see partner details below).

The challenge: obesity and unemployment

Obesity across the FCE (France Channel England) area is a significant concern; high levels of obesity coincide with high rates of unemployment across the zone. A Gallup poll shows that the longer a person is unemployed, the higher the rates of obesity, with rates reaching up to 32.7% after a year or more of unemployment.

According to a UN report one quarter of British adults are obese with levels having more than trebled in the past 30 years. 63.1 per cent of people in south east England and 62.7 per cent in south west England are overweight. In France, the national unemployment rate is around 10 per cent but in the Hauts-de-France region it is nearly 13 per cent. Obesity rates in that region exceeded 20 per cent in 2016, six percentage points above the French average.

It’s clear to see that a worryingly high proportion of people are considered as being obese and overweight in these two areas. While eating healthily can seem unachievable on a budget, knowing how to grow and prepare fresh food can make all the difference. ASPIRE will give obese/overweight and/or unemployed people the tools they need to make healthier lifestyle choices and improve their chances of employment. The project will promote a fork-to-fork approach (growing, cooking and eating fruit and vegetables), giving participants the skills to do this, and will be available at seven sites across the two areas.

Interreg FCE is an EU programme set up to foster economic development in the south of the UK and north of France by funding innovative projects which have a sustainable cross-border benefit in the Programme’s eligible regions

Project partners

  • Dover District Council
  • Your Leisure
  • Kent County Council
  • Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Health and Europe Centre
  • Mission Locale Picardie Maritime
  • Maison pour l’Entreprise, l’Emploi et la Formation Santerre Haute Somme
  • Association Centre Socioculturel
  • Bournemouth University
  • C3 Collaborating for Health
  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council
  • Les Anges Gardins
  • Association Federons les villes pour la sante
  • Medway Community Healthcare CIC
  • Wellbeing People

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