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Who can apply?

Read these notes in full to check whether...

  • Your group is eligible to apply
  • Your project costs are eligible
  • You have all the information and documents you need to be able to start and finish the online application form.

If you have any questions during your application please contact us:  email:

This is our basic eligibility criteria and any applications we receive that are not able to demonstrate all of the below will not be eligible for a DDC Community Grant.

What are the DDC Community Grants for?

We are committed to encouraging and supporting community-led activities that result in a community benefit for residents of Dover District. DDC Councillors especially welcome applications from volunteer-led and other small groups and organisations and those groups who may not have applied for funding before.

The DDC Community Grant Scheme supports us in meeting the following Corporate Priority and Outcome:

  • Healthier People and Communities
  • People in the District are engaged and empowered to achieve their own potential

Who can apply?

Applications are welcomed from community organisations and groups who:

  • are based within the Dover District
  • are seeking the grant to support activities that will benefit a community within Dover District

Applications from religious groups and members groups and clubs (i.e. sports clubs) will be considered but your application must clearly show how the project will bring wider community benefit (above and beyond any immediate faith group or club membership).

The following types of organisation are not eligible to apply:

  • Registered or for-profit business organisations
  • Individuals (for example, for personal sponsorship)
  • Political Parties or Political Groups
  • Groups seeking donations towards general appeals
  • District, County, Town or Parish Councillors
  • Organisations in receipt of a Public Precept, such as Town and Parish Councils

Help: What type of group are we? » 

How much can we ask for?

You can apply for a grant of between £100 and £1,000

What kinds of activities will be funded?

The grant must be used to pay for clearly defined costs associated with projects that can demonstrate a clear community benefit.

Applicants are expected to provide accurate costs/quotes for costs in the application form.  DDC reserve the right to request evidence to support the accuracy of the project costs outlined in your application to ensure the project meets the eligibility criteria.

The grants can be used to cover one-off capital and/or revenue costs where these can be clearly evidenced using receipts and/or invoices confirming payment has been made.

The grants cannot be used to cover ongoing or cyclical costs such as rent, salary or other overheads; utilities payments or any costs associated with ongoing maintenance to buildings or other assets that may be held by an applicant.

Help: What is an eligible cost? »

What is the application criteria?

Our application criteria is designed to make the application process as fair as possible. Please read and follow the criteria below to ensure that your application has the best chance of success.

  • Each organisation may only make one application to the DDC Community Grant in any Grant Round
  • The applicant organisation has an agreed and signed Constitution Help: What is an adequate Constitution?
  • The applicant organisation name must match the group name on Constitution.
  • The applicant organisation must supply with their application form copies of the latest agreed accounts for their organisation and/or the latest available bank statement showing the account details and their balance.
  • The bank account details provided must be the same as the organisation name in the application form and on the Constitution.
  • The bank account details must be up to date and current, and the bank must be able to accept a grant paid using a BACs payment.
  • The bank account must have at least 2 signatories who are current members of the organisation and the names must match those given where required in the application form.
  • The project and its activities and volunteers must comply with all relevant legislation. Help: What are the legal or other requirements?  We reserve the right to request evidence of this where necessary.
  • The applicant must have already secured any permissions required in order for the project to take place.  These must be secured before the application is submitted (for example, any planning permission and/or written consent of landlords or landowners etc.).  We reserve the right to request evidence of this where necessary.
  • The grants cannot be used to fund projects which have already been completed or any costs you have already incurred (or will incur before a grant is paid).  Help: How does this work
  • The organisation is based within the Dover District
  • The community that the project will benefit is located within the Dover District
  • The project can demonstrate that it results in a clear community benefit
  • All of the questions in the DDC Community Grants Application Form are completed clearly and fully, including the submission of any required supporting information
  • If, for any reason, your project fails or cannot proceed after we have paid you a grant, you must tell us immediately. If this happens, we will expect you to repay the grant in full unless we have already agreed to an extension.
  • Applicants agree to comply with any monitoring requirements and/or visits by an authorised representative of Dover District Council to check project progress and/or upon completion of the project.

Please note

  • All grants will be awarded through the framework of the Dover District Council Community Grant Scheme. The grant funds are allocated across five areas (Sandwich & Area, Deal & Walmer, Dover North, Dover Town and Dover West).
  •   Every application will also be allocated to one of these 5 areas, depending on the project location


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