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South Kent Coast Health and Wellbeing Board

Improving Health and Wellbeing Together 

Health andWellbeing logoThe South Kent Coast Health and Wellbeing Board brings together key organisations to oversee the plans for improving the health and wellbeing of people living in the South Kent Coast area. The area covered by the Board aligns with the South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group and covers most of the Dover and Shepway districts - please see CCG maps

The government introduced health and wellbeing boards as part of its plans to reform health and social care. The legal duty to set up health and wellbeing boards rests with unitary and county councils and the South Kent Coast Health and Wellbeing Board sits under the Kent Health and Wellbeing Board.  

What do we do?

The board offers a fresh look at the way services relating to the health and wellbeing are provided and measured. It works closely with the Kent board, ensuring a “local” voice and helping to identify district and neighbourhood health needs, priorities and gaps in services. 

The board looks at improving health and wellbeing by joining up services across health, social care, district councils, public health and other relevant organisations. Influencing the delivery of services, and ensuring that the resources available are prioritised in line with the needs of our communities, is vital to improving health and wellbeing. 

How can I be involved?

You are welcome to attend meetings of the Board to see how we work. We will also invite you to take part in future consultations.  


Members & Meetings

Find out who is on the board and when and where we meet

Our Priorities

Six priorities identified in the South Kent Coast Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Canterbury & Coastal CCG

Two GP practices in our district belong to the Canterbury & Coastal CCG 


For general information on the board please email 

For information relating to the meetings please email 


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