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Dover District: services for the community

Useful advice and support with the Cost of Living

The cost of living is rising and having an impact on us all. If you are struggling to pay your bills, there is help at hand. This Cost of Living information advises you where to go for additional support from Dover District Council (DDC), Kent County Council (KCC) and other partners.

Support services

We have researched local partners, organisations and charities that can offer you a wide range of support including benefits advice, how to manage your money, housing, mental health, family activities and much more. Please click on the helpful links below for more information.

Helpful Links

1.Vulnerable / Urgent Support

2.Children & Families (age 0-8)

3. Young People (8-25)

4. Adult Services

5. Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

6. Fuel Support 

Contact us

Please note that information received about these services may change. All information given here was received from KCC and correct at the time of publishing. We strongly recommend you contact each service provider directly to check the information remains correct.

If your service is featured on these pages and you wish to update, change or remove these details please contact us at community@dover.gov.uk

For Community Safety including Safeguarding information please click here.