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Back to Business: Licensing FAQs

We have compiled these Frequently Asked Questions to guide you through some issues you may have regarding licensing. They cover the following areas: Licensed Premises; Street Trading; Street Furniture; and Taxi / Private Hire. 

If in doubt, please contact our Back to Business Hub or see our Licenses and Permits webpages.

Licensed Premises 

My Annual fee is due however the premises is not open due to Covid-19

As long as the premises is closed you can delay paying the annual fee until you re-open.  

Can I legally provide off-sales?  

Yes, if you have the necessary off-sales permission on your licence with no further restrictions. This will be stated on your premises licence and you should check the times and days permitted and review any conditions that might be relevant. You must have the correct planning permission. 

What if I don’t have off sales? 

The Business and Planning Act came into force on 22nd July 2020. The provisions in the Act temporarily modify the Licensing Act 2003 to provide an automatic extension to the terms of most premises licences which only permit the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises to allow the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises. 

You must notify the Licensing team if you have commenced off-sales under this temporary extension. This can be done by emailing licensing@dover.gov.uk with the name and address of your premises, and a start date in which you intend to commence using this temporary extension to your licence. For more information, please see Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Food

Can I provide an alcohol delivery service

Yes, if you have the necessary off-sales permission or have notified the licensing department you wish to commence off-sales under the Business and Planning Act 2020.  Temporary Event Notices (TENs) can also be applied for to allow trading (£21.00) if you do not have either of the above, please see Temporary Event Notices for further information.  

Street Trading

Do I need a licence to sell food/drinks/items in the street?

If the street you intend to trade on is a listed as a consent street (see list on website) then a Street Trading consent is required.  If this is a temporary measure you may apply for an Occasional Street Trading Consent which is £130 for 7 days, the 7 days can be used as you wish e.g. 1 week or over a few weekends or seven single days.  In addition, you will require permission to trade from the landowner and public liability insurance. 

If the street is not listed as a consent street, a Street Trading Consent is not required, however you will need permission from the land owner.

Please see our Street Trading page for further information.  

Street Furniture

My street furniture permit is due to expire/has expired how do I renew.

Complete and return application via email to licensing@dover.gov.uk along with public liability insurance and make payment as instructed on invoice. 

I have not been using my street furniture, do I still need to renew.
You may delay renewal until you re-open, please also advise the licensing team of this. 

I wish to provide outside seating for my customers when I re-open, do I need a licence?
If the furniture is to be placed on highway land then a permit is required. You can apply for either a temporary Pavement Licence or permanent Street Furniture Permit.

Taxi / Private Hire

My joint drivers badge is due, how do I renew?

Email your completed application and documents to the licensing team, please call 01304 872295 to make payment by card.

When will I receive my badge when I have submitted my renewal paperwork?

Your badge will be posted next time an officer is in the office, please keep your paper licence with you at all times when working until you badge has been received.

My driver badge renewal is due, but I am not currently working/driving due to covid-19 what shall I do?

Contact the licensing team to advise, your badge can be renewed at a later date.  If you wish to complete your paperwork and email to the licensing team this will speed up the process when you wish to start work again.

My DBS/Medical is due to expire, what shall I do?

Advise the licensing team, who will send a declaration for you to complete this will then be in force until such time you can get a DBS/Medical.

My Vehicles 6 monthly MOT is due, what shall I do?

No vehicle inspections are currently taking place, please provide the MOT certificate to the licensing team via email licensing@dover.gov.uk.

My Vehicles plate is due to expire, what shall I do?

You must submit your application and supporting document to the licensing team via email and make payment as instructed on your invoice.  

When will I receive my new plate?
A member of the licensing team will access the office and print your plate as soon as possible to ensure you are not operating without it. They will then deliver the plate to you. 

I have a licensed vehicle but am not working at the moment due to COVID-19 therefore I have taken my car off the road. What shall I do?
Please inform the licensing team via email or phone at licensing@dover.gov.uk or on 01304 872295 and remove plates until you return to work. 

My Operator licence is due to expire, what shall I do?
Please email your completed application and supporting documents to the licensing team at licensing@dover.gov.uk to make payment please call us on 01304 872295 to arrange payment over the phone by card. 

Do I have to wear a mask.
Masks are currently optional for drivers 

Can I refuse I passenger if I believe they are showing Covid-19 symptoms

For the latest guidance regarding carrying of passengers, please see: 


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