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Coronavirus Cases in the Dover District

A summary of the latest figures for the Dover District are available by clicking on the View Dover Districts latest Covid figures link at the top of this page in the yellow banner. 

Public Health England COVID-19 Dashboard

Public Health England publishes information on the number of people with a newly confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 living in different parts of the UK on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK website.

This provides not only a detailed picture of what is happening at a national level but also more locally. 

Users can either search by postcode or explore an interactive map to find out the number of cases of COVID-19 by Middle Super Output Area (MSOA). MSOAs are small geographical areas with a population of around 7,200 people living in them (although this does vary). There are 14 of these MSOAs in the Dover District. The data in the map is updated each weekday and shows the latest 7 days for which a complete set of data are available.

Cases in the Dover District 

Interactive Map

  • View the interactive map, to browse cases data for specific areas within the UK, on Public Health England's COVID-19 Dashboard.

Kent County Council Cases Data 

Kent County Council also publishes information about Coronavirus cases in Kent, which is updated regularly. Rates may differ slightly from those published by Public Health England as these are produced as a snapshot in time, and do not include cases that were confirmed later on. 

Other sources may also publish Coronavirus case numbers. Please check the reporting periods and methodology when making comparisons.