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What are we doing?

Whilst there has been steady progress on the Council’s planned preparedness activities, there are a wide range of potential threats that are outside of our control and statutory responsibility. As a small district council, our role is therefore primarily that of facilitating and influencing; to help raise awareness of the potential impacts on our communities and businesses, minimize the impact of any potential disruption and make a success of Brexit. 

We are committed to working with partners to lobby and advocate for the needs of the area on an ongoing basis. These needs must continue to be reflected at the highest levels in Government. Our collective voice is pushing for the necessary infrastructure, funding, legislation etc. to realise local opportunities, mitigate against any negative outcomes and protect the future prosperity of the district. 

Dover Brexit Taskforce

Dover District Council has convened a Taskforce to consider the local impact and opportunity of Brexit on the Dover district:

Impact and Preparedness 

In preparation for the Dover Brexit Taskforce meetings, we have published two reports on the 'Potential Impact of Britain leaving the European Union (EU) on the Dover District' covering issues such as Transport and Infrastructure; Local Economy and Workforce; Tourism; Funding; and EU Legislation. 

We have also also published an EU Exit Preparedness Report, which concentrates on our, and our partners, preparedness for the UK leaving the EU and looking ahead to a post-Brexit landscape. 

Working Groups

We will continue to feed into a number of Brexit working groups including:

  • The Cross Government Border Delivery Group
  • Kent Resilience Forum and sub-groups
  • Kent Border Planning Steering Group
  • Port User Group
  • Port Health Authorities Border Planning Group
  • Major Ports Imported Food – Feed – POAO Meeting

LGA: Brexit Roundtable

We have facilitated, jointly with Kent County Council, a meeting with the Local Government Association in March 2019 to discuss the implications of the UK leaving the EU. This meeting focussed on local business continuity and keeping Dover and Kent open for business.     

Speakers from the Local Government Association; the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government; the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Kent Highways and Visit Kent gave an overview of their EU Exit preparations, which was followed by a Question and Answer session. 

Local Businesses

Whatever the outcome of the Article 50 negotiations, Brexit will inevitably cause a period of great uncertainty for businesses. Unfortunately, there is very limited official sources of information available on the impact of Brexit on businesses and workforce in the Dover district.

We have created a signpost with useful information and links to help local businesses prepare for Brexit: Preparing your business for Brexit  

We have also conducted a Local Business Survey to understand the possible impact of Brexit on our businesses and their preparation plans.  


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