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Priority Theme Four: Working Smartly and Delivering Services

Corporate Objective

  1. Continue to develop our business to be more effective, efficient and forward-looking for the benefit of our residents.

We will: 

  1. Continue to be a financially stable and resilient Council.
  2. Ensure all strategies and plans are aligned.
  3. Ensure a continued commitment to delivering outstanding value for money for our residents, while maintaining and, where possible, enhancing services.
  4. Explore and develop commercial opportunities to raise income for service improvements and to help underpin our core business.
  5. Deliver consistent, customer-focused services supported by the use of digital technology, as appropriate.
  6. Have a skilled, trained, flexible and proactive workforce.
  7. Gather and use data and analytics to continually improve the customer experience.
  8. Protect and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.

We will achieve this through: 

  1. Ensuring a robust Medium Term Financial Plan / Financial accountability.
  2. Developing an Income Generation Strategy.
  3. Developing a new Communication Strategy and Customer Charter.
  4. Making better use of google analytics/365/digital tools.
  5. Partnering with education providers.
  6. Continuing to develop a Staff and Member training programme.
  7. Developing our Workforce Planning Strategies.
  8. Continuing to support our Apprenticeship Scheme.