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Priority Theme One: Regeneration - Tourism and Inward Investment

Corporate Objectives

  1. Providing a clear vision and direction of place-shaping for the District, creating a vibrant destination with good transport links, making tourism everyone’s business.
  2. Supporting the business community to enable a thriving local economy that provides the jobs, services, training and career opportunities that we need.

We will: 

  1. Progress a number of key projects across the District, with partners, including: Dover Fastrack (Bus Rapid Transit), The 149th Open Golf, Dover Town Centre improvements, Co-innovation Hub, New Vision for Sandwich, Aylesham Regeneration, Snowdown Colliery Investment Programme, Citadel, and Dover Waterfront development.
  2. Focus on regenerating Dover Town as the Gateway to the UK and Europe. ‘Dover 2020 Vision’ (working name) will regenerate the centre of the town, with improvements to the market square, redesign of Pencester Gardens, further investment in the historic Maison Dieu, re-booting Dover Museum and connecting to other tourism/heritage sites and improving links to the seafront, new marina and port.
  3. Have a Local Plan that actively enables growth through business development and employment opportunities.
  4. Promote the District much more and all it has to offer, supporting vibrant town centres.
  5. Continue to lobby for strategically important transport infrastructure investment to unlock opportunities for further growth, and support local transport plans to enable and support skills development, connect to the green agenda and facilitate improved access to and within the District.
  6. Promote and encourage new accommodation, attractions, retail (particularly food and beverage) and the visitor economy and experience.
  7. Seize opportunities to work with strategic partners, and develop further relationships, to align strategic plans and encourage further inward investment into the District.
  8. Work with education partners to identify and deliver the skills development needed to support the local economy.
  9. Facilitate the parking policies and arrangements to be fit for purpose to support business and residents needs, and deliver the ambitious regeneration plans.
  10. Provide support to businesses and communities to ensure the District is a safe and pleasant location to visit.

We will achieve this through: 

  1. The review and update of the Local Plan and associated strategies.
  2. Promotion and delivery of actions, with partners, within the Strategic Tourism & Visitor Economy Strategy: Destination White Cliffs Country.
  3. Continued lobbying for improvements to the High-Speed Rail Link, A2/M2, A258, Lower Thames Crossing and parts of the A256, plus strategic HGV facilities and last mile solutions.
  4. Supporting the Tourism Accommodation Charter.
  5. Establishing a (high-level) Tourism and Visitor Economy Advisory Board.
  6. Continuing with the Town Centre Business and No Use Empty Grants Scheme.
  7. Delivering digital high streets with appropriate technology for improved connectivity.
  8. Delivering an annual "Dover District Invest in White Cliffs Country" roadshow, marketing investment opportunities in the District.
  9. Aspirational development of the Quay in Sandwich, with partners.
  10. Building relationships and working with partners to enable the reopening of Manston Airport, thus realising its potential to support the local economy.
  11. Enhancing Dover Museum and exhibitions and aligning collection policies with other local museums and organisations.
  12. Reviewing car parking assets to facilitate regeneration aspirations.
  13. Contributing to, and supporting, the emerging vision and objectives of the 2050 Kent and Medway Enterprise and Productivity Strategy; and continuing engagement with Regeneration and Advisory Bodies (such as the Kent and Medway Economic Partnership and South East Local Enterprise Partnership) for funding opportunities as appropriate.
  14. Working with East Kent College to develop a digital skills and wider training agenda.
  15. Continuing to support and encourage growth at Discovery Park, Sandwich.
  16. Growing new businesses locally to encourage sustainable employment.