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Priority Theme Three: Climate Change, Environment and Assets

Corporate Objectives

  1. Support the wider climate change agenda to facilitate a better environment for everyone.
  2. Support the development and protection of our environment and open spaces, making the most of our enviable landscapes, heritage and assets and making our parks destinations of activity, recreation and community. 

We will:

  1. Become a net zero carbon emitter by 2030.
  2. Focus on raising awareness, reducing emissions from our own activities and developing plans to reduce emissions across the District.
  3. Protect and enhance our assets and promote our rich heritage.
  4. Protect and enhance our environment for future generations.
  5. Reduce the waste we produce as a community through continued encouragement and investment in recycling.
  6. Ensure our parks and open spaces are vibrant, clean, easy to access and well-used and that our maintenance regime responds to the challenges posed by climate change, and the need to encourage biodiversity.
  7. Protect public health and enhance the quality of the environment through a range of services including environmental health, port health, licensing and planning enforcement.

We will achieve this through: 

  1. Preparing a strategy and action plan through the cross-party Climate Change Member Working Group.
  2. Developing a specific topic paper on climate change as a key part of the Local Plan review, including proposed changes to Building Regulations.
  3. Development of strategies within the Local Plan to protect and enhance our heritage and environment.
  4. Ensuring access to green spaces for activity and relaxation, through the Green Infrastructure Policies in the Local Plan.
  5. Providing quality recycling and waste services through well-managed contracts.
  6. Having strong policies to tackle environmental crimes and breaches of planning control.
  7. Developing electric vehicle charging points.
  8. Developing cycling and walking infrastructure and promoting cycling and walking routes.
  9. Continuing with our Kearsney and Parks projects and encouraging/supporting development of ‘great places’.
  10. Continuing to reduce the incidence and effects of environmental crimes and pollution to air, land and water, through enforcement and educational activities.
  11. Improve and protect the health, safety and welfare of people working in, living in and visiting the District through our environmental health and licensing activities.
  12. Developing a strategy, within the Local Plan, Air Quality Review and Air Quality Action Plan, for improving air quality, through cleaner greener transport, more trees planted for carbon emissions and potential new wooded areas.