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Priority Theme Two: Housing and Community

Corporate Objectives

  1. Enable a range of good quality affordable homes for our residents in an attractive environment.
  2. Work to build healthy, resilient and sustainable communities, where residents have good access to facilities and transport links to further their wellbeing.

We will: 

  1. Deliver a Local Plan to support housing growth and development.
  2. Improve the range of available housing across the District, seeking to meet the needs of all our residents.
  3. Improve the quality and energy efficiency of our own housing to reduce carbon impact and issues of fuel poverty.
  4. Support improvements in the quality and availability of private sector housing.
  5. Work with our town and parish councils to bring forward low cost housing and starter homes to enable our young people to stay in the communities they grew up in.
  6. Encourage and support self-help and community action.
  7. Continue to deliver and seek new ways of bringing community funding into the District.
  8. Work with our health, wellbeing and leisure partners to support healthier and fitter communities.
  9. Work with our partners to provide a safe District and address the needs of our most vulnerable residents.
  10. Invest in our Council Housing stock, working with partners to keep people supported and healthy in their own homes.
  11. Continue to invest in leisure facilities across the District, complementing and building on the success of the Dover District Leisure Centre.

We will achieve this through: 

  1. Further progressing the Property Investment Strategy in investment in residential opportunities.
  2. Exploring a commitment to social housing; exploring opportunities for alternative funding options and developing new housing stock through a variety of potential development models; and working with developers to maximise affordable housing on new developments.
  3. Promoting and enabling the Community-Led Housing Programme.
  4. Working with health and leisure partners to support healthy living projects.
  5. Continuing to drive the Community Safety Partnership and tackling anti-social behaviour, working with partners to ‘Design it out’, addressing serious and organised crime, and encouraging community integration.
  6. Using the recent CCTV investment to provide an enhanced and digital intelligence - led service to improve the safety of our residents and District, whilst providing in-depth analytical information of the flows and usage of our town centres.
  7. Continuing to deliver community grants and support for events.
  8. Expanding the District Lotto and exploring new, improved models for facilitating grants.