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Voting by Proxy

Voting by post or by proxy

How can I get a proxy vote?

An application form to vote by proxy is available from www.yourvotematters.co.uk

The form can be completed online but it must be printed and signed. You can submit your application by a scanned image attached to an email to vote@dover.gov.uk or return it by post. If there is not time to send it via post before the deadline then we recommend emailing the completed application form.

To vote by proxy at any election we must receive your application at the very latest by 5 pm on the 6th working day before the election.

Who qualifies for a proxy vote?

To get a proxy vote you must be able to show that you cannot reasonably be expected to go to the polling station.

For example, because:

  • You are living abroad and are registered here as an overseas voter
  • You are a blind or disabled person
  • You live in a residential care home
  • You will be away on an educational course on election day
  • You are self-employed and will be unable to go to the polling station because of your job.


For some of these reasons you will need to get someone, such as your doctor or care nurse, to confirm what you are saying. If you are unable to get to the polling station, you should consider asking for a postal vote instead, as you do not have to give a reason for this or ask anyone else to vote for you.

How do I appoint someone to be my proxy?

  • You must find someone who is over 18 and is prepared to vote for you
  • You must include their details on your application form
  • They must be prepared to vote on your behalf either in person at your polling station, or by arranging to vote by post.
  • They can only vote for two people to whom they are not directly related (it is an offence to vote as a proxy at the same election for more than two persons, unless you are their spouse, civil partner, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, child or grandchild)

How long does my proxy vote application last?

You have three choices:

  • You can apply to keep your proxy vote for all future elections until you tell us to cancel it (but only if you are applying on the grounds of disability or blindness, or your long-term employment prevents you getting to a polling station, or you are living abroad)
  • You can ask for a proxy vote for one particular election only (for example, if you would normally prefer to go to the polling station but you will be away on holiday that day)
  • You can ask for a proxy vote for a particular period (for example, if your work is taking you away from home for several months and you want to vote in any elections that take place in that time).

How does my proxy vote for me?

  • If you qualify, we record on the electoral register that you want to vote by proxy
  • Shortly before an election, we send your proxy a Proxy Appointment Card giving them your registration details and authority to vote on your behalf
  • Your proxy can go to the polling station on election day with the proxy appointment card and ask for a ballot paper to vote on your behalf. The presiding officer will know that you have appointed a proxy because the register will be marked to show this. Your proxy will be given your ballot paper and can cast your vote. It is up to you to tell your proxy who to vote for. You must be able to trust that they will follow your instructions.
  • Your proxy can also apply to vote by post instead of going to the polling station. There is a box on the proxy application form that you must tick if your proxy wants to vote by post.

Can I still vote in person if I have appointed a proxy?

  • Yes, so long as you get to the polling station before your proxy has used your vote. You cannot vote yourself if your proxy has already voted for you.
  • If you go to the polling station yourself, tell the presiding officer that you have a proxy vote but you have come to vote in person.

Can I cancel my proxy vote when I want to?

Yes, but you must tell us in writing. We need to receive this at least 11 working days before an election or your proxy will still get a proxy appointment and will be able to use your vote.

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