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Register a food business

If you are starting a new food business or taking over an existing one you must register your premises with us at least 28 days before you start operating. This is a legal requirement and we may take action if you fail to register your food business.

This includes storing, preparing, distributing or selling food and applies to most types of food business, including catering businesses run from home and mobile or temporary premises, such as market stalls and vans.

There is no charge and your registration cannot be refused. 

We maintain a list of registered establishments, a public register is also available but only contains name, address and nature of the business.

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Once you have registered we will inspect your food business (if appropriate) and as part of the inspection and we will give you a National food hygiene rating.

Approval - if you have products of animal origin

If you handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin (e.g. meat, fish, live bivalve molluscs, dairy and eggs) and supply these to other food businesses, you must be approved.  

If you are unsure whether you require approval, please email

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