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House mouseTwo types of mice are found in Britain which can become pests if not dealt with:

  • The house mouse
  • The long tailed field mouse (more common in rural areas)


The adult house mouse may weigh up to 50 grammes, usually has brown fur on its back and is grey underneath. It's ears are fairly large in relation to its body and its feet are small. The tail is the same length as the head and body but is much thinner than that of a young rat. Mice are widely distributed throughout urban areas and in farm buildings. The long tailed field mouse is common on agricultural land but is not generally considered a pest unless it takes up residence indoors. The house mouse is a common domestic pest which will nest in partitions, under floors and behind wall boarding. Mice are most active at night and will range over a very small area if food is plentiful. They are less dependent on water and will normally obtain sufficient moisture from their food. Mice, like rats, can be a hazard to health. They can be responsible for the spread of disease through their droppings and urine. Mice will also cause structural damage to property by gnawing through woodwork, wires, pipes and household items.


Any mouse infestation should be treated quickly as the breed rapidly.  This is best done through a professional pest control contractor. 

Garden centres and hardware centres do sell poisons and traps but these are not as strong as those used by professional companies.

Steps should be taken to prevent entry by proofing your property. Pest Control companies can advise on this. Some methods are metal kick plates at the bottom of doors and filling holes with wire wool embedded in fast setting cement.

Also, proofing all means of entry as much possible will help to prevent entry. Blocking holes with wire wool embedded in quick-setting cement, and fit metal strips to doors to prevent mice from entering

To arrange treatment please contact  Monitor Pest Control using the link below

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