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EU Exit

The full effects of Brexit on businesses may still be largely unknown, but that does not  mean businesses should not start preparing. This includes preparing for a potential 'no deal' Brexit scenario, which would mean no transition period. Please see our How to prepare your business for Brexit pages for further information. 

New guidance has been published by Defra on 20th February 2019 to ensure import and export trade in animals, animal products, fish, food and feed can continue in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal.  This guidance includes information for importers of high risk food and feed and will help to minimise disruption for businesses and allow the continued movement of goods, while helping to maintain our biosecurity, food safety and high standards of animal welfare.

Those who import animals, animal products, fish, food and feed should:

  • Read the guidance about how to import when the UK leaves the EU;
  • If importing high-risk food and feed not of animal origin from a third country directly to the UK or via the EU, ensure that those consignments enter the UK at a Border Control Post (BCP) that can accept that category of food, or is accompanied by a fully completed CHED-D. A list of BCP’s can be found via the .Gov website 
  • If importing wild caught fish and fish products between the UK and EU, you will need a catch certificate.  Guidance is available on exporting and importing fish if there’s no Brexit deal.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the EU would need to list the UK as a third country and give us approval to export products of animal origin (POAO) to the EU.  This would be for products such as meat, fish, shellfish, eggs and dairy products.  A letter was sent to food businesses (dated 14/01/19) telling them about the information they would need to provide.  A similar letter was also sent to feed businesses (dated 11/02/19).  The information provided from these businesses would be included on the list for approval by the EU to allow UK businesses to export POAO to the EU. 

The Food Standards Agency and other parts of government have published extensive advice on the steps that businesses may need to take to prepare for our exit from the EU. Businesses should visit to check how they will be affected and what actions they can take to prepare.


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