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IUU Catch Certificates - EU origin fish

From 1 January 2021, EU origin marine caught fishery products which are imported into Great Britain will fall within the scope of the IUU Regulations.

There will not be an IUU Customs hold on consignments of fish from the EU covered by the IUU requirements from the 1 January 2021. Importers will still need to pre-notify Port Health of these imports and submit their IUU documents in advance to PHAs, in-line with the IUU Regulations. The only exception to this will be for imports of Bluefin Tuna and Antarctic and Patagonian Toothfish which will be subject to a Customs hold. Imports from non-EU countries will continue to have a Customs hold on fish products.

These imports are required to be pre-notified at least four working hours before the estimated time of arrival at the port.  Our office hours are Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 hours.  If you have a consignment which is due to arrive on Saturday at 13:00 hours, this would need to be pre-notified by 13:00 hours on Friday.

The importer, or agent on their behalf, will need to complete a DPHA pre-notification form and attach the catch certificate and commercial documents to the notification.  A separate pre-notification will be required for each consignment.

Upon submission of the form, the importer/agent will receive a Port Health Release Notification e-mail which can be presented to the HMRC National Clearance Hub to assist with clearance of the consignment.

*Consignment means products which are either

  • sent simultaneously from one exporter to one consignee, or
  • covered by a single transport document covering their shipment from the exporter to the consignee.


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