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IUU Catch Certificates - Third Country Fish

IUU Catch Certificates - Third Country Fish

Products Subject to Import Checks

The Regulation applies to marine caught fishery products.  Freshwater and farmed (aquaculture) fish and marine fish imported for ornamental purposes fall outside of the scope of the Regulation 1005/2008.  A full list of exempt products can be found in Annex of the Regulation.

Composite Products

The Regulation also applies to composite fishery products (i.e. products which contain wild caught fish and other ingredients).  If the product falls under CN Code 03, 1604 an d1605 a catch certificate will be required.

You may be required to provide written confirmation form HMRC Tariff Classification Team of the commodity code for you consignment:


The Regulation requires importers to notify Port Health 3 days before the consignment is landed.  This has been reduced to 4 working hours before the consignments intended arrival for Ro-Ro and airfreight.  Notification is made by completion of an online electronic pre-notification form Pre-Notifcation. Supporting documentation (catch certificate, sea waybill, invoice, packing list etc.) can be attached to the pre-notification or e-mailed to

Documentary Check

All imports will be subjected to a documentary check to ensure that the catch certificate and associated paperwork relates to the consignment and that it is valid.  The catch certificate template will be checked along with the stamps and signatures of the Flag State, vessel details against the list of vessels known to have been engaged in illegal fishing activities, catch areas and Regional Fishery Management Organisation information where applicable.

Where there may be a discrepancy between the catch certificate and associated paperwork, additional checks may be undertaken on the consignment including identity and physical checks and DNA analysis for fish species identification.

Satisfactory Checks

Upon completion of satisfactory checks, the paperwork will be signed and stamped by the Port Health Authority and returned to the agent who will need to submit a copy of the endorsed catch certificate to HMRC to enable the consignment to be released.

Unsatisfactory Checks

Where checks are undertaken on a catch certificate and significant issues are discovered which are in breach on the Regulations, a notice will be served.  Depending on the reason for the unsatisfactory checks, the importer may be able to re-export the product outside of the country.  However, if the fish is deemed to have been fished illegally it may be confiscated or destroyed.

Fees and Charges

There is a charge for undertaking documentary checks on catch certificates which can be found here.



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