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Right to a review/request for information

Applicants have the right to ask for a review of any decision made under the terms of this policy with which they do not agree.

Requests can be on the basis that our decision:

  • has not considered, or is not based on all of the facts
  • is legally wrong
  • is irrational
  • is unreasonable

Requests can be made by a representative on behalf of an applicant.

Only information that has already been supplied can be reviewed. If an application has been correctly assessed but the applicant failed to supply the requested or appropriate information at the point of application they are not entitled to have their application reviewed. They will instead be asked to submit a new application, which gives a clear account of their current situation.

If an applicant is eligible for inclusion onto the housing register by virtue of this new application, priority will begin from the date that all the correct information is received. An application will not be backdated.

A request for a review must be made within 21 days of being notified of the decision. From the date of receipt of the review we have a maximum of 8 weeks to respond. If the review is likely to take longer the applicant will be notified of the amended response time.

A senior member of staff, who was not originally involved in the decision, will carry out the review.

Our decision on the review will be final and the applicant will not be entitled to a further review of that decision.

Reviews of decision requested under Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002) are outside the scope of our allocations policy.

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