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The Housing Register

The Council will consider every application for housing providing it is made in accordance with the Council’s Allocation Policy.

1. The applicant must be at least 16 years old.

2. Applicants will not be eligible if the Council is satisfied that:

  • (a) they, or a member of their household has been guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make them unsuitable to be a tenant of the Council.
  • (b) in the circumstances at the time the application is considered, they are unsuitable to be a tenant of the Council by reason of that behaviour.

The only behaviour which may be regarded by the Council as unacceptable is:

  • (i) behaviour of the person concerned which would entitle the Council to a Possession Order.
  • (ii) behaviour of a member of their household which would entitle the Council to a Possession Order.

3. Applicants who are refused on the grounds of 2 (a) or (b) above may make a fresh application for further consideration.

4. Applicants who are accepted on the register on the basis of information they have provided and are subsequently found to be ineligible will have their applications cancelled.

5. A person is not eligible if they are:

  • (a) subject to Immigration control (within the meaning of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996) and not otherwise re-included by regulations made by the Secretary of State
  • (b) a person from abroad excluded by regulations made by the Secretary of State
  • (c) not habitually resident in the United Kingdom (other than EEA/EU workers or those covered by an EEA/EU Directive) or required to leave the UK by the Secretary of State.

If the main applicant is eligible and not subject to Immigration control, non-eligible dependent children and other family members will be considered providing that they are resident within the country.

6. The Secretary of State may prescribe other classes of persons from abroad who are not eligible.

7. Where joint applicants separate, they may submit separate applications which will be regarded as dating from the original housing application date providing the new application is made within 12 months of notifying the Council.

8. The Council is able to take into account the financial resources available to a person to meet his housing costs, including equity in a property. Owner occupiers over retirement age and owner occupiers in housing need whose financial circumstances prevent them from purchasing a more suitable home will be eligible for consideration.

9. Right to a Review.

If an application to join the Housing Register is refused or if an applicant’s name is removed without their consent they have a right to ask for the decision to be reviewed. The request must be made within 21 days of being notified if the decision and the Council has a maximum of 8 weeks to respond. Once the Council’s decision on the review has been reached, the applicant cannot ask for another review on that decision. If the applicant remains unhappy, they can approach the Local Government Ombudsman.

10. Right to Information.

All applicants have a right to information about their application. The authority is not able to give information to a third party under the Data Protection Act 1998, unless authorised in writing by the applicant.




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