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Neighbourhood Management Policy: Have your say!

Neighbourhood management is a general term used to describe the work that the housing service does to manage Council housing estates. It includes tenancy management and estate management.

We want all our tenants and leaseholders to enjoy their homes in a decent, safe and secure living environment and recognise what an important role effective neighbourhood management has in helping us achieve this.

Our draft Neighbourhood Management Policy covers a wide range of activities including how we will manage the shared communal areas on estates, provide services and the standard of these.  The policy also explains the role you play in helping to improve where you live by meeting the responsibilities you have under the terms of your tenancy agreement.  This can be by not storing items in communal spaces, keeping your gardens tidy and disposing of your rubbish properly.

Take a look at our policy below and send any comments to tenantinvolvement@dover.gov.uk

Policy Cover WEB

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