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Poster Competition

This competition has now closed.


The Dover District Tenants Group are running a poster competition. Winning posters will be printed and displayed in communal areas in blocks of flats as well as winning a £50 prize.

Are you passionate about littering, fire safety and keeping our communal areas clear?

See below for competition rules and how to enter.

Tenants Poster Competiton

There are 3 categories:  

  • 5 – 11 year olds (Primary School age)
  • 12 – 18 year olds (Secondary School age)
  • 18+ 

There is a £50 prize for each category.

Who are the Judges?

The competition is organised and judged by the Dover District Tenants' Group, a local tenant group who work with DDC to make improvements and help us build our housing service.

What’s the poster about?

The poster has to be eye-catching. It must encourage people to look after their local area. Topics include dog fouling, recycling, littering, keeping communal areas clear of obstructions and promoting fire safety.

Here are some ideas:

  • Fire safety, you could do a poster about the 3 P's (Prevent, Plan and Practice)
  • Make a BIG SPLASH about a recycling fact such as "the average person in the UK throws away around 400kg of waste each year; 7 times their body weight".
  • Create an infographic about how long it takes litter to decompose (20 years for a carrier bag, 100 years for a shampoo bottle and 500 years for a nappy!)
  • Draw a cartoon about why communal areas need to be clear of items such as large plant pots, bikes and baby buggies. They could obstruct people who need to evacuate a building quickly in the event of a fire. Imagine yourself trying to escape a fire with lots of smoke clouding your vision and items are in your way. 

There are lots of creative ways you can get your message across. Remember that the posters will need to be reproduced so glitter and crafts may not show in scanned and printed copies. 

We will print posters in A3 size, so it is preferable that posters are created this size. A4 size can be scaled up to size if needed. Please ensure all electronic copies are high quality images so they are suitable for reproduction. We are able to scan high quality images of hard copies and freehand drawn posters.

How to Enter:

Entries must be A3 size (420 x 297 mm) and in colour (The more colour the better!).

You can submit your entry in hard copy or via email.

If you would like to drop them to our office, please put your name, age and address on the back and for the attention of 'Beth Becks'. To enter, please send your submissions with your name, age and address to tenantinvolvement@dover.gov.uk or via post to Housing Management, Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Dover CT16 3PJ.

Closing date is: 30 March 2022.

Judging will be held on 05 April 2022 at the Dover District Tenants' Group meeting. 

Please note: Competition is open to all tenants, leaseholders and members of their families living with them. Any entries that do not meet the criteria will be discounted from judging. Full competition rules and Ts&Cs are available here.