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Tenant Engagement Strategy: Have your say!

Give us your views on our proposed new strategy and your ideas can help shape the final strategy.

Take a look at our priorities and menu of invovlement and then fill in the survey

What is an Engagement Strategy?

Under the Regulator of Social Housing’s Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard, the council is required to ensure its tenants and leaseholders are given a wide range of opportunities to influence and be involved in the formulation of housingrelated policies, decisions about how housing services are delivered, and the scrutiny of our performance.  Every three years the landlord should consult with its tenants and leaseholders about the opportunities they have to be involved and whether they feel these offer them the chance to make a difference to the housing service.

Since the housing service came back in house in October 2020 we have been working with tenants in a number of ways to make sure that they have the chance to tell us what they think of our services.  We’ve used this information to put together a plan for the next few years that we hope will build upon the work we’ve already started and give a wider group of people of all ages and from all backgrounds the chance to work with us.

How we will use customer feedback

How RE Works

What are our Priorities?

Tenants in our focus group, helped us come up with 4 prioritues 


Menu of Involvement

Our menu of involvement outlines all the ways our tenants and leaseholders can be involved in the housing service. Some of the activities we already have like the Dover District Tenants' Group and others are new ways to be involved. Menu of Involvement v2

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