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Housing Performance

We keep a close eye on how we're performing, we produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports to make sure we're hitting targets and making adjustments to how we're working to strive for continuous improvement.

We use customer satisfaction data to try to see tenant's perspective and use their experiences to help improve or keep a high level of service.

What is Performance and Customer Satisfaction data?

Throughout the housing service we collect a range of information known as performance data, for example how long it takes to deliver a particular service,  how many requests for a particular service we deal with and your feedback on our services. This allows us to measure how well we are delivering service, how satisfied you are with our service and it also allows us to compare our performance quarterly, annually and even before DDC took Housing back in house. We also compare our performance against other social landlords, including other Councils and Housing Associations.

What do we do with this information/data?

Our performance and survey data is discussed by the Housing Management and Asset Management Teams to highlight any areas of concern as well as good performance. It also allows the team to look at what actions need to be taken as a result. Managers/Officers are then allocated responsibility for looking into any issues of concerns. Issues would be raised at meetings with our contractors or further research undertaken including increasing visits to blocks/estates or amending our processes to find methods to create a better service. All this data therefore is used to help us make decisions and look at ways to improve our service delivery.


We share data with the Dover District Tenant Group, who use the information to scrutinise services and hold DDC to account.

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