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A Framework for the Future - Local Plan Responses Made Public

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Dover District Council is thanking everyone for getting involved and sharing their views, and is now publishing the responses to a key consultation on the draft Local Plan, which sets out the vision and framework for development in the district to 2040. 

DDC received over 3,400 comments to the consultation from 1,280 respondents. The comments can be viewed on the Local Plan website. 

We are currently reviewing all the comments and deciding what changes will be needed to address issues that have been raised. We are also updating the evidence base and carrying out assessment of sites submitted through the targeted call for sites.  

Local residents, businesses, community groups, and statutory consultees were invited to review and comment on the draft Local Plan earlier in the year.  The consultation included public and online events, and a dedicated Local Plan website was set up. 

It is intended that an amended draft (called a Regulation 19 draft) will be ready for further consultation in early 2022. 

Lois Jarrett, Head of Planning, Regeneration and Development said: “We thank everyone who got involved in responding to the consultation on the draft Local Plan, and we look forward to taking all this into account as we amend the plan. It’s vital that local people, businesses, community groups and stakeholders have their say in shaping the final document to make sure we reflect what you want the future of the district to look like. 

“The Local Plan lies at the heart of the planning system and will guide the development of housing, the economy, community facilities, and infrastructure in the district for the next twenty years. This includes some ground-breaking policies, especially on climate change, which will help ensure that sustainable development contributes to our ambition for the district to be carbon neutral by 2050.” 

For more information, please see the dedicated Local Plan website at

Posted on 14 July 2021


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