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Application Guidance Notes

The Applicant

The applicant is the person who is having the proposed building work carried out.

The Agent

The agent is a person employed by the applicant to submit details of the proposed work. Generally communication from the Council about the application will be with the agent.

Intended Use

The intended use of the building or part (the extension to which the application refers to) should be indicated. The number of storeys of new buildings or extensions should be stated and where alterations or conversions are proposed the number of storeys in the existing building should be noted.


Please indicate the date the work will commence (if known), this should be a minimum of 2 working days after this notice is given. Where the commencement date is unknown please ensure that Building Control is advised when the works will start. (Full Plans) You can agree for your plans to be passed subject to conditions, where for instance certain information/details were not available to you at the time of submission. If you agree to this it is important that any conditions need to be satisfied as soon as possible but no later than when the work starts. Your agreement to extend the period of time for determining your application may assist you when we require amendments/details to your application.


Please state the name of the person that will be carrying out the works together with a contact telephone number.

Floor area

Floor area means the area calculated when measured between the internal walls of the proposed building or extension at all floor levels. If you propose more than one extension the floor area of each can be added together. The formation of rooms in the existing roof space (such as loft conversions) are treated as an extension.


Building Regulations 'Part P - Electrical Safety in Dwellings' apply to electrical works being undertaken to dwellings. All wiring and electrical works must be designed, installed, inspected and tested in accordance with the requirements of BS 7671 & the IEE 17th edition wiring guidance. Failure to comply with these regulations is an offence, and the Council can pursue a prosecution for a fine against any person contravening them and it is also likely that it will not be possible to sell your property. Full details of these regulations, including the definition of 'notifiable works' can be found in the Approved Document 'Part P - Electrical Safety in Dwellings'


The charge payable can be found in the table of charges. Where works covers two parts the combined charge will be required. If you have any queries regarding our charges please contact us prior to submitting the Building Regulation application. An invoice for the inspection charge, where applicable, will be forwarded to the person noted on the form after the first inspection of the work by the Building Control Surveyors.

Block Plan

The block plan should be to a scale of not less than 1:1250 with the boundaries of the property and any proposed extension marked in red.

Please Note

Upon completion of your building work and following a satisfactory final inspection we will provide you with a Certificate of Completion. This certificate is an important document, which can be passed on to future owners of the property as proof that the work meets the requirements of the Building Regulations.


Contact Building Control

Tel: 01304 872495

Email: buildingcontrol@dover.gov.uk