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Bats and Other Animals FAQs

+ I need to have a bat survey carried out, who should I contact?

Bat Conservation Trust. Tel: 08451 300228, email: enquiries@bats.org.uk

+ I need a reptile survey, who should I contact?

Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group or Kent Wildlife Trust

+ A badger sett is being disturbed, who should I contact?

The Police as this is a criminal offence. General advice regarding badgers can be obtained from Natural England, tel: 0300 060 4797, email: enquiries.southeast@naturalengland.org.uk

+ Nesting birds are being disturbed can you do something?

The bird nesting season is from the beginning of March until the end of July. It is a criminal offence to disturb nesting birds so you should contact the police. Further advice is available from RSPB, tel: 01767 693 690.



For general wildlife enquiries contact the Senior Ecologist

Tel: 01304 872481
Email: conservation@dover.gov.uk