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Development Management Team Structure

Development Management Team Structure


The Development Management (DM) service comprises three teams as described below.

The two area based teams cover the North and South of the district with the geographical areas for each shown on the map below.

The focus of the Strategic Sites and Place team is on major development at locations where the current and forthcoming local plan anticipates most growth and regeneration. This includes Whitfield, Aylesham, Discovery Park and Dover Town Centre.

DM will continue to use consultant planners to help with peaks in work, for any specialist support and to cover post vacancies. Consultants will work across teams/team areas as required. On occasion, it might also be necessary for planning officers to assist/deal with cases in other teams/areas depending on workloads and resources available, although this should be an exception.    




Luke Blaskett (Team Leader)

Adam Reynolds (Principal Planner)

Nicola Kingsford (Principal Planner)

Rachel Morgan (Senior Planner)

Alison Gravett (Conditions Officer)

Nathan Wookey (Support Assistant: Pre-applications)



Lucy Holloway (Team Leader)

Amanda Marks (Principal Planner)

Karen Evans (Senior Planner)

Maxine Hall (Planner)

Amber Tonkin (Planner)



Lucinda Roach (Team Leader)

Hilary Johnson (Senior Planner)

Jenny Suttle (Senior Planner)

Andrew Wallace (Planner)

Alice Pitts (Trainee Planner)


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