Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme

Our Health and Safety Inspectors are responsible for enforcing health and safety at our skin piercing establishments.

Skin piercing includes:

  • tattooing
  • ear and body piercing
  • acupuncture
  • electrolysis
  • semi-permanent makeup

To carry out any of the above you must have a licence:

Tattoo and skin piercing licences »


You can showcase how clean and hygienically you operate by volunteering to be part of the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Premises that opt into the scheme in the Dover district will be inspected by a Health and Safety Inspector and given a rating of between one and four:

1. The lowest rating

2. Satisfactory (meeting basic minimum standards)

3. Good

4. Very good

The premises will be given a certificate and window sticker to display their rating and will have their ratings published online. 

Rated premises in Dover district »

How do I opt in to the scheme?

Register for the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme »


The premises and practices will be inspected in accordance with:

For more information on the scheme or health and safety at tattooists and semi-permanent makeup practitioners please contact the Public Protection Team at or on 01304 872216.


Public Protection Contact