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Recycling Waste FAQS

Frequently asked questions about your collection

What should I do with my waste and recycling?

Please continue to put your waste and recycling bins out as usual.

Should I leave the bins out if they are not collected on the set day?

Yes.  Please leave the bins out and we will collect as soon as possible as some services are running late

Do I need to report if my collection is missed?

No.  We’re kindly requesting that you do not contact the Council at this time.  Veolia update us about any missed collections at the end of each day. These will be followed up as soon as possible, so please just leave your bins out.

Can I put my green waste out for collection?

No.  We’re sorry that the green waste service is currently suspended to allow Veolia to prioritise household waste and recycling.

Will I get a refund on my green waste subscription?

We’re looking to extend subscriptions or offering a discount off next years’ subscription to take account of the disruption.

Can I dispose of my waste elsewhere?

You can take household waste and recycling, and garden waste to the tips operated by Kent County Council.

Frequently asked questions about the waste service

Why has the waste service deteriorated?

Our contactor, Veolia, is facing a number of challenges, including a national HGV driver shortage, and the need for staff to self-isolate after being ‘pinged’.  This is creating major staffing issues.

Why did you change the contract earlier in the year?

Veolia held the previous contract which expired in January of this year.  A number of changes to routes and collection days were introduced by Veolia under the new contract with the aim of making collections more efficient.

Are these changes part of the current problem?

There were some teething problems with the new routes and collection days, but these are now largely resolved.

When can we expect the service to return to normal?

We’re working urgently with Veolia and have prioritised household waste and recycling collections.

What is Veolia doing to boost recruitment?

The HGV driver shortage is a national issue and there is no ‘quick fix’.  Veolia are offering a range of incentives to attract and retain staff.

How can I speak to at the Council about the waste service?

Given the volume of enquiries, we’re kindly requesting residents not to contact the council about missed collections.  We are aware of areas where collections have been missed, and these will be collected as soon as possible.  Please see our website for the latest service information.