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Business Continuity

  • Are you in Business?
  • Do you plan to stay in Business?
  • Have you planned to survive a business disruption?

Why you need a Business Continuity plan

Every year, nearly one in five businesses suffers a major disruption and planning to deal with potential disruptions is widely regarded as good business sense. Consider, for instance, what you would do if your business premises were not available for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. That is business continuity planning.

The Buncefield Oil Storage Depot explosion totally destroyed twenty business premises employing 500 staff. Sixty other premises employing a further 3,500 staff were unusable for many months. The total Business losses have been assessed at more than £100 million.

No matter how large or small, every business operating in Dover district contributes to the economic wellbeing of the community. Business continuity planning will help secure your business future, maintain your customer base and preserve employment for you and your staff.

Can I afford not to have a contingency plan?

In most cases Business Continuity Planning can be done by you or your staff using information freely available on the Internet. With this information you can:

  • Identify your essential resources
  • Use a ten minute checklist to assess how prepared you are
  • Download free templates, checklists and more
  • Access business continuity advice
  • Review case studies of companies who have been affected by major business interruption

You and your staff know your business better than anyone else so no-one is better placed to identify risks and prepare it to recover from a crisis with the minimum amount of downtime. 

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