Rural England Prosperity Fund

We have received applications that exceed this financial year's allocation and so this scheme is currently on hold and will re-open in March 2024.

We have been allocated £400,000 from the Rural England Prosperity Fund to support rural businesses and communities as follows:

  • 2023/24: £100,000
  • 2024/25: £300,000

Full details are available on the Government's REPF Prospectus.

The fund is being used to introduce a new grant scheme for rural businesses and communities to:

  • Develop new products and facilities that will be of wider benefit to the local economy. This includes farm businesses looking to diversify income streams.
  • Support new and improved community infrastructure, providing essential community services and assets for local people and businesses to benefit the local economy.

 Small businesses and community organisations are invited to submit an Expression of Interest.

Who can apply?

The following organisations can apply:

  • Small businesses (less than 50 employees and an annual turnover under £10 million)
  • Community organisations (voluntary organisations and registered charities)

Your organisation must have less than 50 employees and a turnover under £10 million.

What projects will be considered?

Projects MUST fit one of the following interventions:

Capital grant funding for:

  • small scale investment in micro and small enterprises in rural areas.
  • investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society and community groups.
  • impactful volunteering and social action projects to develop social and human capital in local places

Projects must be:

  • capital projects eg a lasting asset such as a building or equipment and must have a value of over £10,000.
  • unable to be funded by private finance.
  • in a rural area. For Rural Fund purposes, rural areas are:
    • towns, villages and hamlets with populations below 10,000 and the wider countryside
    • market or ‘hub towns’ with populations of up to 30,000 that serve their surrounding rural areas as centres of employment and in providing services
      A map is available (please click on Administrative Geographies, Other Administrative Boundaries, Rural England Prosperity Fund).
  • viable – applications must include a robust business plan to demonstrate project viability.
  • Projects should be deliverable between January 2024 and June 2024.

Successful applications will demonstrate how projects will achieve some or all of the following outcomes:

  • Businesses:
    • Jobs created
    • Jobs safeguarded
    • Number of businesses adopting new to the firm technologies or processes
    • Number of businesses with improved productivity
    • Number of businesses experiencing growth
  • Community Organisations:
    • Increased users of facilities or amenities
    • Improved perception of facilities or amenities
    • Volunteering numbers as a result of support
    • Improved perception of events

Examples of projects can be found in the Prospectus and the Interventions list.

We cannot support projects that have received funding from other Government sources including:


Applications will re-open in March 2024, please check back here for an application pack.