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Relief for properties only partly occupied

We can give temporary relief to ratepayers who are only using a part of their property where the rest is completely unused.

This relief is only available where the unused part will remain so for a short time only. Partly occupied relief is stopped at the end of the rating year. If the part of your property that is unused is going to remain empty for the foreseeable future and it is capable of being split from the part that is being used, you can ask the Valuation Officer to split the assessment.

A Visiting Officer may visit your property to to see if you are eligible for relief. If we decide that relief can be given, we will ask the Valuation Officer to issue a certificate to show the rateable values of the occupied and unoccupied parts. We will then send a revised bill. 

Please note that until and unless we send you a revised bill, your current rates remain payable.

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