Report radicalisation or extremism (Prevent)

The Prevent strategy is focused on safeguarding people from radicalisation or extremism. This includes work to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Kent County Council have the lead role in delivering the Prevent strategy in Kent in accordance with the Prevent duty guidance and are working with partners such as the Police, health and the district councils.

We all have a responsibility to keep our county and the people in it safe. Extremism and radicalisation in our community are very real threats to our society and being aware is the first step. You can help to reduce the threat from terrorism, radicalisation and extremism by being vigilant, knowing what to report and reporting it.

Report it

Immediate threat

If you have seen a person acting suspiciously or if you see a vehicle, unattended package or bag which might be an immediate threat, move away and call 999.

No immediate threat

If you're concerned about possible terrorist activity or risk of radicalisation and there is no immediate threat, you can:

  • call Kent County Council on 03000 41 41 41
  • call the Police on 101 or 0800 789 321

Please try to provide as much information as possible.

Further information can be found at Kent County Council website.