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Unauthorised Encampments

In the Dover District we do not tolerate unauthorised encampments. An unauthorised encampment is when a person or group in vehicles moves onto land that they do not own, without the landowner’s permission. This is classed as civil trespass.

If the encampment is present on Dover District Council land, we have a strict process that we follow which you can see below. If the encampment is present on land where Dover District Council is not the landowner, we will still support where we can with information for landowners below.

If you see an unauthorised encampment present in the Dover District, please use our report an unauthorised encampment form.

Further information in respect of encampments in the wider Kent area, as well as in Dover District, can be on the Kent County Council website and searching for 'gypsy and traveller'. Kent County Council have their own team known as The Gypsy and Traveller Service, contactable via email gypsy.traveller@kent.gov.uk or phone 03000 421567. 


If you wish to make contact regarding this topic please email community@dover.gov.uk