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Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is our main strategic document and guides business decisions to ensure that the Council is well-run and able to meet its objectives. 

Dover District Corporate Plan 2020 to 2024

The Dover District Corporate Plan 2020 to 2024 (Corporate Plan or Plan) provides the overarching strategic direction for Dover District Council for the period stated. It is developed against the Council’s Budget and Medium-Term Financial Plan, to drive investment in Council services, and the growth of the local economy. 

The Corporate Plan sets the vision for the District from which all our plans and service objectives flow. Some ambitions in this Plan will have a longer delivery timescale than the life of the Plan, however, we anticipate that progress made during this Plan will set the direction for future work. The corporate objectives are all equal and not in priority order.

During the final year of the Corporate Plan we will review and update the outcomes for a new term. 

Full Council approved the Corporate Plan on 26 February 2020, and it came into effect from April 2020. 


The Corporate Plan 2020 to 2024 identifies our ongoing commitment to the regeneration of the district, both physical and social. It emphasises the importance of tourism in realising the opportunities for our district and local economy. The climate change agenda has become more important in our everyday lives and is a cross-cutting theme to facilitate a better environment for everyone. The Corporate Plan also highlights our focus on Dover Town as the Gateway to the UK/Europe and as a benefit to the whole district. 

The Corporate Plan sets out our vision and the priorities for council actions for the period 2020 to 2024. In summary, these are:

Our Vision

A district of ambition, inspiration and good living – a destination of choice.  

Priority Themes

Our corporate objectives are centred around four priority themes, which are: 

Priority Theme One: Regeneration - Tourism and Inward Investment

  • Providing a clear vision and direction of place-shaping for the district, creating a vibrant destination with good transport links, making tourism everyone’s business.
  • Supporting the business community to enable a thriving local economy that provides the jobs, services, training and career opportunities that we need. 
  • For more information on this corporate objective, please see Regeneration – Tourism and Inward Investment, what we will do and how we will achieve this.

Priority Theme Two: Housing and Community

  • Enable a range of good quality affordable homes for our residents in an attractive environment.
  • Work to build healthy, resilient and sustainable communities, where residents have good access to facilities and transport links to further their wellbeing. 
  • For more information on this corporate objective, please see Housing and Community, what we will do and how we will achieve this.

Priority Theme Three: Climate Change, Environment and Assets - A cleaner, sustainable environment

  • Support the wider climate change agenda to facilitate a better environment for everyone.
  • Support the development and protection of our environment and open spaces, making the most of our enviable landscapes, heritage and assets and making our parks destinations of activity, recreation and community.  
  • For more information on this corporate objective, please see Climate Change, Environment and Assets, what we will do and how we will achieve this.

Priority Theme Four: Working Smartly and Delivering Services

Statement from the Leader and Chief Executive

Please see the statement from the Leader and Chief Executive regarding our bold and ambitious plans for a sustainable future for the Dover District.

Have Your Say

Our Corporate Plan considers local and national factors but is not static and will develop and grow as conditions and ambitions evolve. We will continue to listen and engage with our residents to deliver the best value and customer-focused services, with efficient and effective use of resources.

We will review the priorities in our Corporate Plan annually and update them as appropriate. Your views are important to us, and we will consider your feedback during our annual reviews.

Please send us your comments to:

Email: policy@dover.gov.uk

Address: Leadership Support Team, Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Dover, Kent CT16 3PJ.