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Equality and Access to Services

We are committed to ensuring equality in everything that we do both through our service provision and through our responsibilities as an employer. We recognise that while everyone is different, they have the right to be treated with an equal level of respect and have equal access to our services and facilities.

Should you require assistance for interpretation or translation, please contact the Council's service department who published the information or alternatively the Corporate Services Team at corporateservices@dover.gov.uk to explore the options available. Please be advised that requests will be considered on an individual basis and that documents cannot be translated as a matter of course. Where possible we encourage individuals who cannot speak English to come accompanied with an English speaking relative or friend. 

The Equality Act 2010

At DDC we are working with the community and our partners to develop objectives which are both meaningful and relevant to our District.

  • Our Equality Policy was developed and adopted in line with the Equality Act 2010 
  • The State of the District Report provides a snapshot and trend analysis of the current social, economic, environmental, health and well-being of our district.

Equality Objectives 2016-2020

1. Develop a workforce that feels valued, and reflects the diverse communities we serve.

Measured by:

  • Conducting regular Personal Performance Reviews
  • Provision of training to develop skills, knowledge and experience to provide effective succession planning
  • Analysis of the workforce in relation to age, gender, ethnic background and religion
  • Delivery of an equality and diversity training package for all employees and members

2. To make our services more accessible and welcoming to all communities.

Measured by:

  • The use of technology and creative techniques best suited to different groups in line with the Council's digital agenda
  • Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, seeking feedback from our customers to identify where we can improve services

3. To improve dialogue with local communities to encourage integration of people from a range of backgrounds to have an active role in the community.

Measured by:

  • The rehousing of some Syrian families in line with the Syrian Refugee Scheme
  • Increased participation in disability sport and to make improvements to the district's facilities
  • Advertising and promotion of events and news through social media to reach all groups
  • Providing Community Officer support during a phase of development and regeneration within the district
  • Continuing to hold Neighbourhood Forums to maintain interaction and engagement within the community
  • Working in partnership with the local community to obtain external funding to improve their local areas


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