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Person Specification - Chief Executive

Head of Paid Service

Person Specification
  • Several years experience in a relevant Senior/Middle Management Position.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Local Government and Political Processes
  • An experienced Board level operator with exceptional leadership qualities for representing the Council with integrity in the community, with public service bodies and business.
  • Significant experience of working in a political environment recognising the boundaries between the responsibilities and accountabilities of Councillors and Officer.
  • Relevant Management qualification will be desirable.
  • Recognises the changes that will be required for the Council to achieve its vision.
  • Displays enthusiasm and belief and encourage staff to view changes positively
  • Displays a strong sense of personal integrity and create a culture which values diversity in the workplace.
Managing People
  • A style that allows staff to flourish and develop as individuals whilst ensuring overall fairness and consistency.
  • Delegates authority and responsibility to staff and gives them freedom to operate within boundaries rather than getting overly involved in operationally details.
  • Fosters an environment of continuous development and learning and help staff to develop to their full potential.
  • Convey information clearly to a wide range of recipients internally and externally, through selecting and using appropriately a wide range of communication processes such as presentations, reports, meetings and briefings.
  • Encourages two way exchange of information in meetings and top into different sources of information both formal and informal.
Conceptual Thinking
  • Ability to focus on the bigger picture whilst understanding the interaction of the component parts.
  • Ability to stand back from a situation, look at it objectively and view it from others' perspectives.
  • Ability to spend time thinking at a strategic level rather than getting constantly side-tracked into operational issues.
  • Ability to translate the strategic objectives of the Council into corporate and/or service plans.
  • Ability to make sound judgements following an analysis of the information available and reasonable assumptions.
  • Considers alternative options and is prepared to take short term action as an interim step whilst seeking a longer term solution.
Working with Others
  • Makes the effort to build and maintain good working relationships internally and externally and work effectively in a variety of team settings.
  • Demonstrates respect for others by acknowledging their ideas and contributions and giving credit for them.
  • Shows interest and concern for others and offers help and support freely.
  • Ability to handle emotion effectively and constructively and demonstrate appropriate levels of tack and diplomacy.
  • Aware of own impact on others and is sensitive to their feelings.
  • Ability to anticipate where conflict might exist and take pre-emptive action where possible.
  • Works effectively with all parties involved in a conflict situation in order to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome
Achieving Goals
  • Ability to plan work to ensure goals can be achieved, taking into account the resources required and ensures adequate systems are in place to meet departmental priorities.
  • Ability to access internal resources inside and outside of own department in order to achieve goals
  • Ability to put in place appropriate systems to monitor progress and quality of service delivery and take action when required.
  • Ability to evaluate work and identify opportunities for improvement in the future.
Personal Resources
  • Ability to display a high level of self confidence at all times and is prepared to stand ground when believes self to be right.
  • Ability to create a positive image by balancing the requirements of the professional and managerial role appropriately and reinforcing the positive assets and qualities within the department
  • Demonstrates an ability to cope with the ambiguity and uncertainty resulting from an ever-changing environment whilst maintaining composure and overall effectiveness.
  • Ability to use different influencing styles appropriately having clarified in own mind the objective and areas for negotiation.
  • Considers the likely response of others and plans for this in advance.