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Corporate and Leasehold Property Insurance

We have a number of policies in place in respect of Corporate and Leasehold Property and copies of the schedules of cover and Policy Booklets can be obtained from the following:

Leasehold flats

This policy runs from 30 June to 29 June each year in respect of the Building element of Leasehold Flats. The insurance company don't issue Individual schedules but the Leasehold Flats summary of cover gives details of items covered under this policy.

If you are selling your property and need a statement of cover please ask your solicitor to contact the Homeownership Officer at homeownership@dover.gov.uk.

To make a claim please contact Aspen Insurance UK Ltd on 0800 358 0172, this is a 24 hour claims helpline.

Other Leasehold Commercial and Council Insured Property

This policy runs annually from 1 July each year to 30 June the following year. Should you need to make a claim please contact the Insurance Section on 01304 872318.


Tel: 01304 872318

Email: insurance@dover.gov.uk