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People under 20 in full-time education

If you are receiving Child Benefit for someone who is:

  • living with you
  • aged over 18; and
  • in full-time education

and you are the only other adult living in the property, you can apply for a 25% discount on your Council Tax.

Apply for an under 20 in full-time education Council Tax discount »

The person you are receiving Child Benefit for must be studying a full-time course of further (not higher) education, lasting at least three months. It must involve at least 12 hours a week of instruction, tuition and supervised study.

Proof you need to provide

You must provide proof to support your application, please do one of the following:

  • ask the head teacher to send us a letter confirming that the person goes to their school and is on a full-time qualifying course of education. The letter must include the persons name, date of birth, the date they started college or school, the date the course started and the date the course ends
  • send proof of Child Benefit clearly showing which child it is for and when the Child Benefit stops; or
  • provide a student certificate

Contact Council Tax

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Phone: 01304 872199