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Properties that need or are undergoing structural alterations or major repair

From 1 April 2024, Dover District Council has made a decision to remove the discount previously awarded for properties undergoing structural alteration and/or major repair. The 100% discount will not be awarded for new applications received on or after 1 April 2024.

All applications received prior to the 1 April 2024 will continue to be processed and awarded if the qualifying criteria is met. For accounts where there is an existing discount already awarded before 1 April 2024, the discount will continue for the maximum 12 months permitted or until the property is furnished or occupied. For example, if a discount was awarded on 10 October 2023, providing the circumstances remain the same, it will not expire until 9 October 2024.

Applications received prior to 1 April 2024

If your property needs, is undergoing or has undergone major repair or structural alterations to make it habitable, you may get a 100% discount on your Council Tax for up to twelve months. 

We can only award a maximum of twelve months discount. If after twelve months the property remains empty and unfurnished, Council Tax will be payable. Depending on the time the property has been empty a premium charge may be incurred. 

To enable the discount to be awarded, the property must be unoccupied and unfurnished; AND  requires or is undergoing major repair works (which include structural repair works) to render it habitable; or It is undergoing structural alteration; or It has undergone major repair works to render it habitable and less than six months have elapsed since the work was substantially completed and it has remained vacant since that date.

Substantially unfurnished

Substantially unfurnished is defined as a property where sufficient furniture has been removed to leave the property incapable of occupation.  As a minimum, beds, chairs, tables, wardrobes, cabinets, televisions and personal effects would be expected to be removed.

Major repair works

The work required is such, that unless the work is carried out, the property will not be fit to live in.  The property must be uninhabitable before any work starts.

Structural alteration

A change to the fabric of the property which should prevent occupation of the property.  Anything that alters a load bearing surface that is supporting something greater than its own weight or alteration or removal of a supporting, load bearing wall.

Works that could qualify for this discount

  • Structural repairs to the main structure of the property, i.e. major roof repairs, replacing defective solid floor/ceiling joists and rebuilding internal/external walls.
  • Major electrical re-wiring.
  • Major re-plumbing.
  • Walls being removed.
  • Underpinning due to subsidence.
  • Replacement of kitchen and/or bathroom together with other works.
  • A considerable amount of work to render the property habitable with substantial cost of repairs.

Works that would not qualify for this discount (they are not considered major repair work on their own, but a combination of them might be)

  • General refurbishment and modernisation, such as replacing just a kitchen and bathroom.
  • New heating including repairs and renewals of services.
  • Replacement/repairs of bathroom and kitchen or any other fitting/fixtures.
  • Timber or damp proof treatments.
  • Re-plastering and redecoration in between tenancies.
  • Repointing or window/door replacement.
  • Minor alterations to the structure such as roof windows.

It is to be noted that consideration can be given to awarding a discount where lots of repair works are being carried out. This would come under “A considerable amount of work to render the property habitable together with substantial cost of repairs”.

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