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Afghan citizen's resettlement scheme

As a District Council,  we , along with neighbouring local authorities are ready to play our  part in the success of the national Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme and help a number of families settle in the Dover area.  We have been working  with   Government, Kent County Council and local support providers over the last few weeks to make the necessary arrangements.

Those arriving under the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) have worked alongside the British Military and UK Government and will be given indefinite leave to remain.  We will be supporting them by working closely with landlords in the private rented sector to try to find homes for them.

To date the response from landlords has been positive and we are hopeful that families will start to move in during the next few weeks.   Ongoing support for those families choosing to make the Dover District their home will be provided through our network of partner agencies. 

The Government has created a £5 million fund to help Councils and families with this work and those households already on our housing waiting list will not be disadvantaged by the support that we will be offering to Afghan families.   

Private landlords

If you are a private landlord and you would be able to make accommodation available to help these families, please email our Housing Options team: housing.options@dover.gov.uk