What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a small intentional community of private homes clustered around a shared space, which usually includes a large kitchen, dining area and recreational areas. Cohousing groups typically share a common interest and goal, as in housing for older residents or housing just for women. In nearly every cohousing community, the management is handled democratically by residents who live on the property.

Cannock Mills Cohousing in Colchester is an example of a group of  people with a shared interest in forming a community which is sustainable not only to the earth but to them as residents through all phases of their lives.

Older Women's Cohousing is another group who share the desire to live in a single women only environment for over 50s started by the need  for a protected caring enviroment for older women in London. OWCH also incorporates not only ownership but also 8 affordable rent units.

Cohousing can be as diverse as the individuals behind it. For more detailed information on cohousing please visit UK Cohousing Network.