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Housing Needs Surveys

What is a Housing Needs Survey?

Housing Need Surveys are carried out to provide area-specific information, which helps the Council to understand the housing needs of local residents, and provides evidence to ensure those needs are taken into account. These surveys are most often carried out when they are needed to support a planning application for a development in rural areas, and are arranged by the Council, a Developer or a provider of Affordable Housing.  

The survey takes the form of a questionnaire completed by households in the survey area. The data from the questionnaire is then analysed and a report is written detailing the results. 

The results from the survey are used to inform decisions on current and future housing, and housing-related services. A survey looks at both affordable and open market housing along with the types of homes residents need. Housing Needs Surveys which are carried out as a requirement of a Planning Application expire after 3 years.

Current reports

Preston - March 2021

This survey identified a need for up to 17  homes for local people of a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom properties required for rent and for shared ownership.