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Changing Your Home

Mutual Exchange Scheme

Existing tenants of councils and housing associations have a right to exchange homes with each other.

Transferring tenants

Applications from Council and Housing Association tenants to transfer to new homes in the district are assessed in the same way as applicants for the housing register are assessed.

Tenant Incentive Scheme

We operate a Tenant Incentive Scheme to encourage people to move from family sized homes to smaller, non-family housing, or if a tenant is occupying fully adapted wheelchair accessible accommodation and no longer needs these facilities. 

To assist with removal costs and other expenses a grant of £500 upfront is paid as soon as the tenancy to the new address has been signed. The balance of £500, plus a payment of £1000 per room given up, is paid following the move.

The move must be to alternative Council or Housing Association property through the choice based lettings scheme and applies to:

  • Council tenants over the age of 55 who are under-occupying homes 
  • Council tenants who occupy fully adapted, wheelchair accessible accommodation and no longer require the use of these facilities

Any debt owed to Dover District Council will be recovered from this grant.

Tenants in breach of their Tenancy Agreement

Tenants who are in breach of their tenancy agreement, eg. rent arrears, condition of property, or unsocial behaviour, will only be considered when the situation is remedied.

Housing Allocation policy »

The policy sets out:

  • How homes are allocated
  • Who is eligible to be accepted onto the housing register
  • How to apply to Dover’s housing register
  • How priority for housing applicants will be given
  • How transfer applications will be assessed
  • Eligibility for different property types

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