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Personal Data and Information Sharing

  • We will control information provided by a person applying for housing under the data protection legislation.
  • Data will be shared in accordance with the Information Sharing Protocol agreed by the Kent Choice Based Lettings Partnership.

When completing an application form, either using a paper copy or online, the applicant is asked to provide consent to the sharing of personal data between the parties to the protocol and other public sector organisations to help us manage the application and for the prevention and detection of crime or fraud.

Personal data can be shared provided the person has given informed consent and the sharing is for the purposes for which consent is given. Informed consent means that the person has the capacity to give consent, is aware of what information is to be shared, whom it is to be shared with and what it is to be used for.

Personal information is only disclosed to other parties with the person’s consent or in exceptional circumstances where disclosure without consent is permitted. These reasons are:

Where there are overriding legal, social or public interest considerations, for example there is a risk of serious harm to the person themselves or to others if the information is not disclosed.

Where the information is required by a local authority department or external auditors to carry out a statutory function.

Where the information is required as part of a criminal investigation.

People have the right to see and confirm the accuracy of any information held electronically about them. On receipt of a written request, local authorities have 1 calendar month to provide details to a person of any personal information held. Third party documents will require the prior consent of the third party. If the person considers the personal information they have received is inaccurate, they may request that it is amended or removed from their records. If this is accepted by the Council, appropriate action will be taken to amend the records. In the event of a disagreement, the information will remain and the person’s comments will be recorded on file.

Disclosure of information may be denied by the local authority in the following circumstances:

  • The information could prejudice criminal proceedings.
  • Legal professional privilege could be claimed.
  • A care professional is of the opinion that disclosure could result in a risk of serious harm to the person or others as a result of disclosure.

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