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How to Apply

Apply for Housing Online

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Register for housing online through the Kent Homechoice website.

After completing the form you will have 21 days to submit all the necessary supporting information. Any incomplete applications after this time will be cancelled.

How to apply

1. Visit

2. Click on the Register Button

The application process


Proof of identity and supporting information

We need to see copies of the documents listed below for every member of your household. Please email these copies to - scans and photographs are acceptable so long as they are clear.

1. Proof of identity

  • For each named applicant photographic identification, for example, a valid passport or photo driving licence

2. Proof of income Salary/wage slips for the past three months

  • Proof of any income-related benefits received, for example, income support Statements from all bank and savings accounts for the past three months

3. If you have children living with you

  • Birth certificate for each child, and
  • Proof of receipt of child benefit or child tax credits

4. If you have access to children that do not live with you full time

  • Residence Order if available, or
  • Letter from the child’s full time carer detailing the access arrangements, including the frequency of visits, the length of time they have been in place, and any future arrangements.

5. If you own, or have ever owned, a property

  • Current mortgage statement and recent valuation of the property
  • Confirmation of the amount received from the sale or transfer of the property

6. EEA Nationals, but not UK citizens

  • Valid passport for each household member
  • Evidence of at least one years completed employment in the UK prior to May 2011
  • Evidence of any employment since May 2011, for example a wage slip or P60
  • Any other evidence that proves you are eligible for social housing

7. Non-EEA Nationals

  • Valid passport for each household member
  • Proof of indefinite leave to remain
  • Any other evidence that proves you are eligible for social housing.

8. No fixed abode

  • If you have no fixed address please provide either a contact address and a letter from the person at that address giving their consent for correspondence to be sent there, or an email address.


Joint applicants

Applicants with children, who live separately from their partner, should complete their application form using the address at which the children normally live and will be assessed from that address.

Members of the Council, staff members and their relations

To ensure that we are seen to be treating all applicants fairly, any application from members of the Council, employees of the Council or associated persons must be disclosed on the application form.

Such applications will be assessed in the normal way but, in order to ensure public confidence, any accommodation allocated to the applicant under the scheme must be approved by the Strategic Housing Manager following appropriate checks.

The term ‘associated persons’ above is as defined in S178 of the Housing Act 1996 (as amended).

Renewing an application

It is an applicant’s responsibility to renew their application each year. Every applicant will be sent a renewal notification by letter or email, close to the anniversary of the date of registration, which will include a request to provide information on any change in circumstances. If the renewal is not returned within four weeks the application will be cancelled without further notice. An application can only be considered for reinstatement in exceptional circumstances and only if the request is made within six months of the cancellation date.

Not actively bidding

Applicants who fail to place any bids over a twelve month period will have their application cancelled, unless it is demonstrated that no suitable accommodation has become available within those twelve months or there were other exceptional circumstances that did not make placing bids possible.

Those applicants whose applications are cancelled may reapply, but their housing circumstances will be investigated in full before being accepted back onto the register.

Applicants will be given notice in writing if their application has been cancelled for this reason.

Changes of circumstances

Once placed in a priority band, applicants should notify the Housing Needs section in writing or by email, of any material change in their circumstances that will affect their priority for housing, for example:

  • A change of address, for themselves or any other person on the application.
  • Any additions to the family or any other person joining the application
  • Any member of the family or any other person on the application who has left the accommodation.
  • The health of any member of the family or any other person on the application, getting better or worse.
  • Any change in income or savings.

Applicants will be required to complete an online Change of Circumstances form and applications will be temporarily suspended from bidding while the Council assesses the information provided by the applicant and completes further enquiries that may be necessary.

The Council will carry out an assessment of each applicant’s entitlement to and priority for re-housing on the basis of information which has been provided by the applicant or otherwise received in connection with the application.


If you need help please contact us

Tel: 01304 872265


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