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People who need to move on medical or welfare grounds

(criteria may apply to any member of the household)

Medical or welfare priority is awarded where the current housing is adversely affecting the health or wellbeing of an applicant, or member of their household, and whereby a move would positively improve their health or wellbeing. Below are examples of where priority would be awarded.

Band A – Urgent medical or welfare needs

  • Any life threatening illness being made worse by housing conditions
  • A person who is housebound due to stairs or steps (e.g. using a wheelchair in an upstairs property)
  • Any person who requires specifically adapted accommodation that they are lacking.
  • Any person who cannot be released from hospital until alternative accommodation is secured.

Band C – People needing to move on medical or welfare grounds, including grounds relating to a disability

  • Severe mental health problems affected by current accommodation.
  • Elderly persons with moderate to severe arthritis which significantly affects mobility (e.g. spine, legs) living upstairs or on a steep hill.
  • Conditions requiring on-going medical treatment, being very severely exacerbated by living conditions (e.g. extreme cases of asthma).
  • Conditions causing a reduction in mobility (e.g. breathlessness, dizziness) when combined with stairs or poor location.


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